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What if you could refresh and revitalize your skin without invasive treatments or long downtimes? At Herndon Dermatology in Herndon and Falls Church, Virginia, you can. Dr. Anh Dang-Vu offers Envy Medical® Dermalinfusion — a revolutionary skin treatment that exfoliates, deep-cleans, and infuses restorative serums to improve the look of lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and more. Call the office today to find out more about the benefits of Dermalinfusion.

Dermalinfusion Q&A

What is Envy Medical® Dermalinfusion?

Dermalinfusion is a revolutionary head-to-toe skin treatment that can improve the look of many common skin concerns, from acne scars to wrinkles. It’s gentle enough for your face and around your eyes, but it can also be used on your abdomen, legs, and more.

Dermalinfusion is unique because it incorporates three treatments simultaneously. It exfoliates damaged skin cells to resurface your skin and extracts bacteria and debris with closed-loop vacuum pressure.

While your skin is being exfoliated and cleansed, a Pro-Infusion Serum is applied. It’s this simultaneous treatment that boosts the efficacy of Dermalinfusion. The specialized high-potency serums reach deeply into your epidermis to improve aesthetic results and stimulate healthy cell renewal.

An alternative to microdermabrasion, Dermalinfusion revitalizes and improves the health of your skin. It’s a noninvasive treatment that delivers personalized, dramatic results for all your most common skin concerns.

What cosmetic concerns can Dermalinfusion improve?

Dermalinfusion’s patented technology exfoliates damaged skin, removes debris, cleanses, and infuses serum at your skin’s maximum point of absorption. It freshens and volumizes your facial skin. Dr. Dang-Vu regularly recommends Dermalinfusion for:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sagging skin
  • Dry skin
  • Large pores
  • Acne
  • Uneven skin tone or texture

The Dermalinfusion treatment is safe enough for the delicate skin around your eyes and lips, but can be customized to any area of the body. It can even be used to improve:

  • Signs of aging on your chest and neck 
  • Stretch marks on your breasts or abdomen
  • The puckered look of cellulite
  • Dry, cracking skin on your hands and feet

Talk to Dr. Dang-Vu to find out if Dermalinfusion could be the skincare treatment you’ve been waiting for to improve your skin and boost your confidence.

What is the Dermalinfusion treatment like?

Each Dermalinfusion treatment session takes as few as 30 minutes to complete. When you come to Herndon Dermatology for Dermalinfusion, the team begins by cleansing your skin. Dr. Dang-Vu guides the Dermalinfusion handpiece across the treatment area, and the patented technology exfoliates, extracts, and infuses.

It’s noninvasive and gentler than traditional microdermabrasion, which means you won’t have any downtime following your treatment. In just 72 hours after treatment, your skin can be volumized by up to 70%. Over the following weeks, healthy cells grow and improve the look of skin.

Dermalinfusion is safe for all skin types and tones. Dr. Dang-Vu customizes every treatment to help improve a variety of skin conditions and typically recommends a series of four to six Dermalinfusion treatments for the best results. 

You don’t have to live with sun damage, uneven skin, fine lines, and unwanted wrinkles. Consider Dermalinfusion for a gentler skin treatment with real results. Call Dr. Dang-Vu at Herndon Dermatology for a consultation today.

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