This exfoliation treatment uses crystals, combined with suction, to remove the top layers of dead skin cells. After a series of treatments, you will notice a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, as well as an overall improvement in skin texture and health.

Microdermabrasion generates a younger, more healthy look while giving you the benefits of being painless and non-invasive, yet effective and revitalizing.

During your treatment, a qualified and well-trained provider will use a hand-held wand to gently resurface the skin. This gentle abrasion uses crystalline abrasion that breaks up dead skin and other imperfections to create a clean, glowing look. The treatment serves to partially or completely remove the top layer of the skin. It improves the appearance of scars and dark spots while working to remove dull, damaged skin.

While microdermabrasion is most effective for patients in the early stages of aging, teens have also benefited from this technique as it can reduce mild acne.

The procedure is considered effective for most skin types and can be performed on the face, neck, chest, back, feet, and hands. Microdermabrasion is not known to be associated with any adverse side effects. However, the skin may appear slightly red for up to 24 hours after the treatment. Patients should not undergo microdermabrasion if they have been using the acne drug Accutane® within the preceding 12 months. Pregnant women and young teens are also discouraged from undergoing the procedure as hormone imbalances may lead to unanticipated effects on the skin.

Benefits include:

  • Healthy glow
  • Improves tone
  • Improves texture
  • Reduces large pores
  • Removes dull skin
  • Revitalizes aging skin spots
  • Erases fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces mild pigment irregularities
  • Reduces stretch marks
  • Revitalizes acne-prone skin and acne scars
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